“All Things Are Born of Thought”

“All things are born of thought.”

This statement was shared with me some years ago, and I am continuing to discover its depths and layers.

What makes us value one thing over another? Why is it that we have the words “beautiful” and “ugly”? What makes us capable of the possibility or impossibility of a certain task or aspiration? How can we be so cruel to ourselves and those around us in one moment and so uplifting and empowering in another?  I’ve found that these are based on thoughts which we train from a very young age, adapt and reinforce as we go through life. It is our socialization.

Thoughts lead to Feelings.

Feelings lead to Words.

Words lead to Actions.

And Actions lead to Becoming.

Over time, I plan to explore and reflect upon strategies, insights and approaches to thought, within and about our world, and most importantly, within ourselves. What we think about ourselves, how we choose to perceive situations, the way we think about everyone and everything around us, and the thoughts we choose to emanate into the world — have a huge effect on the quality of our lives and our greater whole.

I’ll share experiences and thoughts around a book called “Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives”,  interesting research that I discover, and lessons drawn from practices including meditation and different art forms. I’ll also speak about a person who paid a great deal of attention to thought and action, was prescient in what he saw within many people in America, and was one of the most powerful and passionate articulators of justice and equality whom I have learned about: James Baldwin.

We are bombarded with information, each day on television, on the internet and social media. This can challenge thought that is life-affirming.

Yet, in the challenge of thought is also great opportunity. In the same way that thoughts are trained and learned, they can be re-trained and re-shaped to promote justice, to promote equality, to promote well-being and to create greater opportunities for living, starting locally and inside.

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