Mouse, Mouse Bless My House!

Animals in our world have an incredible brilliance, intuition, and they are who they are. This is why many of us love our dogs, feel the connection with our horses, or say “Ah” in the presence of great animals and nature.

Animals take what they need and leave the rest. The smallest fish can go to the deepest depths of the ocean without being harmed by body-crushing pressures. I believe that there are limitless amounts of information and wisdom that we can learn from animals.

This experience is about a mouse and it began one night during a dream.

In the first part of my dream, I was in California at a grand and festive party being held by a technology company. I remember enjoying myself – the lights, the sounds, the food – and socializing with folks around the bar. But in the next moment, there was a shift in my dream and I remember hearing and feeling the presence of a mouse.

After waking up, I didn’t give much thought to this experience. I brushed my teeth and did my morning routine. However when I opened the front door of my apartment, there she was:

A mouse wrenching painfully on the kind of sticky paper used to catch animals. Her legs were contorted, her feet raw and stretched, and parts of her fur were stripped away. I could hear her struggle and feel her immense pain.

I didn’t think of any questions at the time: like, how she got in front of my door or the timing of this with my dream. But I did go into overdrive, sprinting as fast as I could down the hall and taking her outside to the safety and comfort of the apartment’s garden. I don’t think I’ve run like that since elementary school and I could feel the wind by my side, as I carefully balanced and held her in front of me.

As I sprinted back and forth, I took different items from the apartment so that I could try to free her off of the trap. One was a spoon to gently separate her from the sticky paper. Another was a pair of scissors that I used to cut around the paper to be closer. But no dice; the glue was just too strong.

As I looked at the knife I brought as a last option, I sprinted back to my apartment one more time.

I opened up my computer and did a search on Google. I saw that cooking oil, massaged judiciously on and around her fur and limbs, could help to break down the sticky chemicals of the glue.

With hope and a warm cloth on her head to calm her, I started using my fingers to massage vegetable oil around her raw and stretched hind leg, and around her back stuck to the paper. She was calm and I felt the rhythm of her movement as she turned to the massage of my hand. She was helping me and we were moving in unison.

Once I got the last part of her body off the sticky paper, she scurried off with a burst of energy and took shelter under a loose rock and some mulch.

I ran back to the apartment and got some water and the best thing that I knew a mouse would eat: cheese (All I had was brie… I guess we all remember some things from being kids). As she continued to breathe heavily, heaving and collecting herself, I watched her and then went back to my apartment to figure what else I could do.

When I came back after some minutes, she was gone.

I wasn’t sure what to think after this experience, but I felt thankful, happy and alive.

As a blessing, I experienced this mouse’s strength and willpower to live. She fought for the opportunity of life and she had the chance to continue in her experience, to continue in her story.

As a reminder, I felt my connection and kinship with this mouse and we experienced perfect communication, both in rhythm and in unison. It is love and the feeling of being connected with everyone and all things. We can tap into this feeling and knowing anytime, and bask in the knowledge that it never runs out.

As an affirmation, I realize that  I can use my skills to be of contribution. I realize that if we see something, we can use our abilities and awareness to truly do something. We can do whatever we can – within our bounds, safety and values – to help make it right.

Mouse, mouse, bless our house!